The Wine Show

TheWineShow Working with Executive Producer, Writer, and Host Michael La Vardera, we produced theĀ episodes for air on Queens Public Television.

One thought on “The Wine Show

  1. Wine has been my hobby for many years. In the mid 80s I worked for a wine importer who had an office and plant in
    Brooklyn NY…Joseph Victori Wine Inc. Their two “stellar” imports ( Victori had exclusive distribution to the NYC
    market ) of ‘Cordorniu’ and ‘Marques de Riscal’. They had many other fine imports. My position with Victori was
    as wine salesman, 50% of my job was to do regular service calls to wine / liquor stores in NYC., the other 50% was
    to canvas for business from restaurants in NYC.

    I was home with the Flu last week and caught your program at 2:pm …I forgot the channel ? I found your program
    “the Wine Show” with Michael La Vardera most informative…Mr La Vardera seems very knowledgeable in the topic
    of wines. I want to hear / see more of his programs…on a regular. Please give me the info of the channel for viewing
    his program and the days and times to see them ?

    Best regards

    Peter Girard

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